Slightly Married

Written by Mary Balogh
Review by Melissa Galyon

First in the Bedwyn family series set in Regency England, Slightly Married examines the passionate life of Colonel Lord Aidan Bedwyn, a cool, professional military man. Aidan promises to watch after the sister of one of his subordinates right before his death on the battlefield. Bedwyn rushes to Eve’s Morris’ home to pass on the news of her brother’s death and to see if there’s any assistance he can provide.

It doesn’t take long for Aidan to see that Eve’s entire estate and inheritance are in the balance. All will be passed on to her surly cousin if she does not marry soon. Grudgingly, Aidan offers his hand to Eve with hopes to keep his promise to his friend. They quickly leave the village with Eve’s Aunt Mori as chaperone and head for London to be wed. As with most romances, their marriage becomes more than a mandatory task, and their attraction for each other outweighs the tensions caused in both families. Fans of Regency romance won’t want to miss this exciting and romantic adventure series beginning with Aidan and Eve.