Silent Surrender

Written by Katherine O'Neal
Review by Eva Fox Mate

If you are in the market for a smart, sassy romance with plenty of action thrown in, Katherine O’Neal’s newest release is sure to fit the bill. Spencer Sloane is a man with a mission, a powerful silent movie director determined to have his former lover, Liana Wycliffe, star in his next picture—even if Liana grows to hate him in the process. After all, the former World War I flying ace is not a man who accustomed to defeat. After being jilted during the war by the pilot she knew only as “Ace,” Liana vowed she would never trust anyone again. Yet, when she winds up working in close quarters with “Ace” four years later, Liana finds it difficult to deny the explosive passion that simmers between them. When secrets from the past and present threaten the movie’s future and the lives of both Sloane and Liana, they find that trusting each other and the special love they share may be the only course that will keep them breathing. Set predominantly in Tahiti in 1920, Silent Surrender is a well-researched, thoroughly enjoyable read. O’Neal’s winning combination of fast-paced thrills and a tender love story make it a book any reader will find hard to put down.