Shadow Warrior

Written by J.C. Gotcher
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

From the moment Doc, a young scout and hunter of a Santa Fe Trail wagon train, has an accidental encounter with a band of Apaches through a fatal showdown a week later, the pace seldom flags in this galloping story of chase, revenge, and survival. Set in the 1840s, its mountain man hero is blessed with exceptional marksmanship, endurance, cunning, and a relentlessly sunny disposition that glories in scenery even as he’s on the run and sees twelve-to-one odds as better than nineteen-to-one.

Soon Doc gets the grudging respect of both the Apache leaders vying for leadership of their band, the brutal Gunsi and wiser and more thoughtful Toh-Yah. They begin to call him “Shadow” for his confounding ability to elude capture.

The setting, character development and suspense of Shadow Warrior make satisfying reading enjoyment.