Shadow of the Eagle (The Borderlands Book 1)

Written by Damion Hunter
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

A young man, exasperated by his limitations of ambition and obligation, signs up as an officer of Emperor Vespasian’s legions. His family background, mainly his father’s legion service and his mother’s British origin, means he is thrust into the lower officer ranks of a new British campaign. Under Governor Agricola, he is tested and found true to find his own destiny in the army. But he’s accompanied by the shade of his father, who berates him for abandoning the family farm, choosing to discard his traditions in order to pursue a military career. Do his new-found talents in command of the Roman military might make up for his dissatisfaction with his origins? He has found his own place, rather than memories and tales? From the landing in Britain to the Orkneys, this is a well-written tale. Good research as well as clear description mean that the Roman presence in Britain is well presented.