Seduced by His Touch

Written by Tracy Anne Warren
Review by Monica Spence

Grace Danvers, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, is a bluestocking spinster, left on the shelf by society at the ripe old age of twenty-five. Lord Jack Byron (no relation to George Gordon, Lord Byron) is a rake, perennial bachelor, and gambler who is deep in debt to Grace’s father. Grace’s father proposes a solution to Jack’s omnipresent financial problems: marry Grace. The debt will be forgiven, plus a huge dowry is added to make the match all the sweeter. Of course, there is a catch: Jack must convince Grace that theirs is a love match. Such temptation! When Jack meets Grace, he discovers no stone-faced spinster, but a statuesque beauty with a brain. He is more than happy to agree to the bargain. Naturally, Grace and Jack fall madly in love, but when the circumstances of his proposal are revealed, she is more than slightly miffed.

This Regency is a romp filled with misunderstandings, humor and attractive characters. Love triumphs—was there ever a question? Seduced by His Touch is a fun read, perfect for that occasional rainy day when there are no demands on your time.