Second Chances

Written by Andrea Pickens
Review by Steve Lewis

There is a little bit of a mystery involved with this recent regency romance, just enough to add some zest to a rather mild but enjoyable romp in the past. When Allegra Proctor is hired as a tutor to young, precocious lad in northern Yorkshire, she does not realize that it was the boy who did the hiring, not his father, the Earl of Wrexham. What the widowed earl does not realize at first is that the tutor his son has engaged is — a woman.

Allegra and the boy get along fine. It is the father whom she seems to have displeased. But she is a woman of intellect and spirit, and gradually the earl’s hard facade begins to weaken. It is at this point that young Max makes an unexpected discovery in his teacher’s room: a pistol, a length of rope, and men’s clothing.

Allegra’s secret is soon pried from her by the boy. There are risks involved, but with a joyous sense of adventure, she is now no longer alone against the world. While this is perhaps not a very realistic portrayal of life in Regency England, it’s only the most jaded reader who could fail to join in on the fun.