Rest Not in Peace

Written by Mel Starr
Review by Susan McDuffie

Bampton Castle, near Oxford, England, 1368: This, the sixth chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon, finds Hugh settled down both into married life and into his role as bailiff for Lord Gilbert. Lord Gilbert asks Hugh to provide a sleeping draught for Sir Henry Burley, a visitor at Bampton, and shortly afterward the man dies in his sleep. Although at first it appears the death was natural, Hugh soon discovers that Sir Henry was slain in a particularly devious manner. Hugh’s investigation takes him down several avenues, and deep into the secrets of Sir Henry’s family.

I have enjoyed reading several of Mel Starr’s previous Hugh de Singleton mysteries.  Rest Not in Peace proves no exception to that pleasant rule, but the book easily stands alone. Hugh, a genuinely likeable sleuth and character, seems a true man of his era. This mystery is well researched, well plotted, and well written. Although the difficulties of life in the 1360s are not glossed over, Starr provides a relaxing foray into a different era. Highly recommended for all fans of medieval and historical mystery.