Ravishing in Red

Written by Madeline Hunter
Review by Audrey Braver

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, England as a country is recovering even if their soldiers’ wounds won’t heal. Audriana Kelmsleigh has a mission to prove that her father is innocent of wrongdoing in a gunpowder scandal, which caused death and maiming of many British soldiers, despite the fact that his suicide suggests his guilt. Audriana goes to meet “the Domino,” who may have valuable information, and instead becomes accidentally compromised by Lord Sebastian Summerhays. Being a true gentleman, Sebastian proposes, much to Audriana’s dismay since she blames him for her father’s death. In the end she decides that such a marriage will help her vindicate her father’s reputation, but it puts her at odds with Sebastian who is dead set on finding the culprit who is responsible for his older brother’s paralysis from the explosion of bad gunpowder and he believes her father is guilty.

Ms Hunter is a mistress of the Regency romance. The first in a quartet, Ravishing in Red offers mystery and erotic passion. The hero and heroine are a perfect match.