Perhaps Tomorrow

Written by Jean Fullerton
Review by Fenella Miller

Life has not been easy for Mattie Maguire. Since her husband died, she has struggled to keep the family’s business solvent, as well as raise her young son. Maguire’s house is in the path of the proposed railway, and Amos Stebbins intends to have the deeds.

Nathaniel Tate understands how ruthless Amos can be. Tracking Amos down to Maguire’s, Nathaniel meets Mattie, who offers him work. When his true identity is revealed, he has to prove his innocence, expose Amos, and win back Mattie.

Nathaniel Tate is Jean Fullerton’s best hero to date. He lights up the page; he’s tough, resourceful, intelligent and totally scrumptious. He is an escaped convict (having been sent to Botany Bay), and this experience has made him the man he is now.

Amos Stebbins is everything a villain should be: on the outside a pillar of society but actually totally corrupt. He crawls across the pages trailing his evil behind him.

Mattie Maguire is the perfect match for Nathaniel. Nathaniel helps her turn round the fortunes of her business and the two of them fall in love.

I have been eagerly awaiting this third book by the very talented Jean Fullerton. I loved her first two books, No Cure For Love and A Glimpse at Happiness, and this one is even better.

It has all the ingredients of a bestseller. A cracking story, wonderful characters, and a totally authentic and historically accurate setting. I was captivated from the very first page.