Written by Lauraine Snelling
Review by Jetta Carol Culpepper

Ruby Torvald manages Dove House, a small hotel in Little Missouri, a frontier community west of Bismarck, Dakotah Territory. Ruby’s dream is to turn this building into a reputable town business. It is 1883, and the area is now a stop for the Northern Pacific Railroad, the means by which Pearl Hossfuss arrives in response to an advertisement for a schoolteacher. Just weeks before her arranged marriage was to take place, Pearl secretly left Chicago, where family wealth kept her life comfortable.

Scriptural references are frequently interjected throughout this inspirational story. This is the second book in the author’s Dakotah Treasures series, continuing the story of Ruby Torvald from the novel Ruby. In the final pages, a big fire at Dove House sets the stage for both women’s futures. Starting over brings each of them a marriage of her choosing.

The story is ideal for those interested in frontier women who work outside the home. This well written text, typical of the author’s skill, is appropriate for both teens and adults.