Patience, Princess Catherine

Written by Carolyn Meyer
Review by Suzanne Crane

Carolyn Meyer continues her Young Royals series with this novel about Catherine of Aragon, who became the beloved, and then unwanted, wife of England’s Henry VIII. Opening with her exile in a dank and cheerless castle, Queen Catherine reflects back on her journey from Spain to England, her brief marriage to Prince Arthur and then the years of uncertainty while, as a young widow, she waited for others to decide her fate. Her patience seems to have been rewarded when she finally marries the young Henry VIII and becomes queen of England. Elated with such happiness and love, Catherine would hardly realize that her golden king would become her merciless persecutor. As with all her novels, the author does an excellent job bringing to life the court, customs and politics of Tudor England. Although Patience, Princess Catherine is categorized as young adult fiction, adults will also enjoy this well researched historical story. Ages 12+