Paper Roses

Written by Amanda Cabot
Review by Nan Curnutt

Sarah Dobbs left Philadelphia in 1856 to escape from her troubles. She traveled to Ladreville, Texas, to become a mail-order bride. Although she agreed to marry out of necessity, her fiancé, Austin Canfield, won her heart through the letters he wrote, and she felt hope that they may find love. That hope was crushed when she arrived to find her fiancé dead, and his brother, Clay, anxious to see her leave. Sarah couldn’t leave because she had nowhere else to go.

Paper Roses is the first book in a series called Texas Dreams. Amanda Cabot, pen name for a prolific author, aptly describes the Texas hill country, including snakes, floods, and potential Indian raids. The characters in this book are interesting and the problems of the community are complex, but the plot is not well developed. The story ends leaving some questions unanswered, which may be explained by the author’s promise of sequels.