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The Award

By Danielle Steel - Published 2016


On New Year’s Day in contemporary Paris, a Frenchwoman combs through pages of Le Figaro to find the name of her 95-year-old ...Read Review

The Murder of Willie Lincoln

By Burt Solomon - Published 2017



The winter of 1862 in Washington, DC is no time or place for the weak, certainly not for young John Hay, personal secretary to ...Read Review

The Girl from Venice

By Martin Cruz Smith - Published 2016


Smith sets his latest novel in 1945, when the last European battles of WWII are being fought on Italian soil. While the Allies are ...Read Review

The Kill Fee: Poppy Denby Investigates

By Fiona Veitch Smith - Published 2016



It’s October 1920 in London, and young reporter Poppy Denby finds herself in the midst of murder, Bolshevik intrigue, stolen Faberge eggs, and ...Read Review

Home Sweet Home

By April Smith - Published 2017


This page-turner about a liberal New York City family that leaves the rat race for a simple life in South Dakota in 1950 is ...Read Review

If You Are There

By Susan Sherman - Published 2017


In 1901, Lucia Rutkowski is destined for poverty and millwork in a Warsaw ghetto when she flees that fate for domestic service in Paris. ...Read Review

Two She-Bears

By Meir Shalev - By Stuart Schoffman (trans.) - Published 2016



In 1930, before the founding of the state of Israel, Ze’ev Tavori settles in a new cooperative agricultural moshav. His parents send him ...Read Review

The Sign of Fear

By Robert Ryan - Published 2016



It is 1917, and the ageing Sherlock Holmes has retired to the countryside, while Dr Watson, back from the war, is attending to the ...Read Review

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

By Jennifer Ryan - Published 2017


“There’s something bolstering about singing together.” Jennifer Ryan’s charming debut interweaves many women’s voices to create a strong chorus that ...Read Review

Beauty and Attention

By Liz Rosenberg - Published 2016


In 1954 Rochester, New York, Libby Archer, whose parents have both died, is sorting through items in her home with her friend Henrietta. Most ...Read Review