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The Sky over Lima

By Andrea Rosenberg (trans.) - By Juan Gómez Bárcena - Published 2016



An amusing true story of catfishing before its time, The Sky over Lima takes place in 1914 Peru, where we meet two young law ...Read Review

The Girl from the Savoy

By Hazel Gaynor - Published 2016


Dolly Lane’s dream is to be someone, specifically a chorus girl in post-Great War London. Her move from being a maid at ...Read Review

Fever at Dawn

By Elizabeth Szász (trans.) - By Péter Gárdos - Published 2016


1945 and war has just ended in Europe. Miklós (family name not revealed) and Lili Reich were both Jewish-Hungarian prisoners and survivors of ...Read Review

The Tumbling Turner Sisters

By Juliette Fay - Published 2016


It’s 1919 in a small town in western New York State. The Turner family – the frustrated, dissatisfied mother, almost silent father and four ...Read Review

The Box Car of Fun

By Chris England - Published 2016


This is the second novel in the series by Chris England set against the backdrop of pre-First World War music halls and vaudeville. ...Read Review

Harry Mac

By Russell Eldridge - Published 2016


South Africa is an exciting, dangerous place to live in the 1960s. Tom’s Dad is Harry Mac, a journalist using his pen ...Read Review

The End of Law

By Thérèse Down - Published 2016


The End of Law is a work of fiction tackling a subject that has seen very little coverage over the years: Nazi Germany, ...Read Review

The After Party

By Anton DiSclafani - Published 2016



Cece and Joan grew up amid Houston’s elite, an ordered world of debutante balls, country clubs, and Junior League meetings. Joan—beautiful, ...Read Review

The Memory of Us

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2016


England, 1961. The suicide attempt of a lonely midwife is interrupted by a boy whose mother has gone into premature labor. When the midwife ...Read Review

Suffragette Girl

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2016


Florrie Maltby is a rich, bubbly, young English countrywoman with a social conscience. Rather than marry her dear friend and neighbor, Gervase, Florrie ...Read Review