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A Promise Between Friends

By Carol Rivers - Published 2016


A saga set in the 1950s, this tells the story of Ruby, an attractive but naive young girl from an East End family ...Read Review

The Gardens of Consolation

By Adriana Hunter (trans.) - By Parisa Reza - Published 2016



In her debut novel, Parisa Reza presents a simple, beautiful story of two Iranian peasants, Sardar and his wife, Talla, who leave their ...Read Review

The Shipyard Girls

By Nancy Revell - Published 2016


1940, and Britain is at war and the majority of young adult men are off fighting, creating a shortage of skilled labour. The obvious ...Read Review

Thin Air: A Ghost Story

By Michelle Paver - Published 2016



1935 in the Himalayas, and Dr. Stephen Pearce is part of a small party of climbers that are to attempt the hitherto unscaled mountain ...Read Review


By Amos Oz - By Nicholas de Lange (trans.) - Published 2016



Jerusalem in the winter of 1959-1960, and Shmuel Ash drops out of his postgraduate university studies with his life in a mess: his ...Read Review

The Lonely Hearts Hotel

By Heather O’Neill - Published 2016


Spanning from WWI to the start of WWII, The Lonely Hearts Hotel is the story of Rose and Pierrot, two orphans who meet ...Read Review

Under the Udala Trees

By Chinelo Okparanta - Published 2016



This novel is a gorgeously written homage to love set against the background of Nigeria during a time of civil unrest in the ...Read Review

The Paradise Ghetto

By Fergus O’Connell - Published 2016


This story starts in a rather shocking way with one of the central characters, Julia, and her unusual job. Betrayed by a fellow ...Read Review

Modern Crimes: A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery

By Chris Nickson - Published 2016



On one level this is a short police/crime novel in which the police crack the case and the criminals get their deserts. ...Read Review

The Farmer’s Daughter

By Mary Nichols - Published 2016


Set in June 1944 in an East Anglian farming community, this novel describes the struggles of Jean to keep the family farm going after ...Read Review