The Dragons of Deepwood Fen

Written by Bradley P. Beaulieu
Review by Mike Ashworth

Rylan Holbrooke is a dragon singer. He has a unique talent which allows him to communicate with dragons. Once he has made the connection, he can telepathically talk to them. A useful skill when their riders cannot read them for whatever reason. He is also a prolific and skilful thief. These skills give him opportunities to move throughout the city state of Ancris and its environs. Unfortunately for him, he stumbles on a plot which threatens the whole future of the city.

Lorelei Aurelius is an Inquisitor, part of a team responsible for security in and around the city. Young and smart, she is a rising star amongst some of her more pedestrian colleagues. Following a tip, she follows a disturbing trail which leads to Rylan Holbrooke. The Red Knives and the Church are in secret negotiations to awake a powerful demi-God. Both sides are seeking to gain ultimate supremacy and control of the city, regardless of consequences.

If you like your historical fantasy on the dark side, with multiple facets, strong colourful characters – and of course – dragons – this is for you. This epic novel is a mixture of George R. R. Martin and Stephen King. At over 700 pages, this is a mighty tome. I enjoyed every jaw-dropping word. This is the first in a new series, and I can hardly wait for the next instalment. Recommended.