Dark Days at the Beach Hotel (The Beach Hotel Series, 3)

Written by Francesca Capaldi
Review by Clare Lehovsky

The third book in Capaldi’s saga series, this follows Helen Bygrove, who is managing the hotel now that her difficult husband Douglas has been conscripted into fighting. But the peace that Helen has been able to establish has been shattered, as malicious pen letters have been sent to prominent townsfolk and Helen is the subject of an investigation. Only to escape this situation with the help of friendly Inspector Toshack, Helen finds herself having to cope with an angry and bitter invalided husband who has returned from the war.

I found Capaldi’s book entertaining and fast-paced; the characters were engaging from the start and the story had rewarding twists. The author uses historical information to enhance the plot and determine the fate of her characters. Overall, this is a light-hearted third book in the saga, and it was fun to read and learn about how women in the First World War stepped up and realised what they were really capable of.