Out of Control

Written by Mary Connealy
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Rafe Kincaid and his younger brothers, Ethan and Seth, spent their childhood exploring the caverns on their ranch, near Rawhide, Colorado, until an accident, in 1853, left Seth severely injured. Thirteen years later, Rafe vows that he will never return to the caves. His resolve is immediately shattered when he hears the screams of a woman, Julia Gilliland, who has been trapped in the caverns by a man who hunted her through the dark. Shortly after Rafe rescues Julia, she astonishes him with her insistence that she must continue her search for fossils underground.

Julia’s obsessive focus on returning to the caverns, while disregarding both the presence of a murderer and the well-being of her family, is undoubtedly meant to be an endearing quality. Instead, she seems incredibly selfish. Rafe’s character is much more interesting, and it is amusing to see him pulled from his insular life to one in which he voluntarily subjects himself to the whims of another. The caverns, themselves, play a major role, and their dangerous beauty is artfully portrayed. Out of Control is not one of Connealy’s better novels, but her followers will find much to give them pleasure.