Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out


Created by 108 renowned authors and illustrators and the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance, Our White House: Looking In Looking Out is a treasure of a book for every American. It is divided into seven parts, each pertaining to a period of White House history. Within each part are essays, prose, reflections, poems, and art that will inspire and invigorate readers to become more knowledgeable citizens. There are excerpts from famous presidential documents such as The Four Freedoms from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Address to Congress and an informal letter from George H. W. Bush to his children. There are personal memories of White House visits from Linda Sue Park and Jerry Spinelli. There are tales of White House ghosts, famous visitors, festivals, and pets.

Gregory Maguire writes: “And let’s look out, too. Out of the windows, into the world. Residents and visitors alike see another set of rules at work: not of geometry, but of history. Herewith, a history as it involves human progress and potential, human despair – and human hope.”

Our White House certainly does both. It looks deep within the walls to the house itself, but it also looks out to the world around it, to the people who shaped it and the bigger picture of a nation continuously stretching and yearning toward a greater purpose. In this historical year, Our White House gives readers a chance to take pause and appreciate all the historical years that came before and anticipate what the future holds for our people’s house. Well recommended.


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