No One’s Girl

Written by Rosie Goodwin
Review by Headline

Her mother is dead and her father is an abusive bully so it’s no wonder that Jane Reynolds finds it hard to trust people. Then she meets little Alice Lawrence, an unwanted child, emotionally damaged and in need of a loving friend. Tentatively the pair reach out to each other, and Jane begins to wonder whether she might be allowed to offer Alice the home she deserves. But a single woman with no experience of childcare is not considered an exactly ideal adoptive parent. Thank goodness Jane has finally made some newfound friends because she will need their support in the trying times ahead.

No One’s Girl is a touching and tender story about the damage people can inflict on each other. It is also tremendously uplifting and life-affirming. This is a real feel-good read that tugs at the heart strings before matters are brought to an entirely satisfactory outcome.