My Lady Domino

Written by Jeannie Machin
Review by Ann Northfield

This frothily entertaining Regency romance features the beautiful Adele Russell, once rich and pampered, now penniless and forced to earn her own living working in a haberdashers run by her doting and very lenient old nurse. As inevitably with such heroines, she has the requisite ‘cornflower’ blonde hair and big blue eyes plus an admirable figure. Her love rival, a thoroughly nasty piece of work, gloats over Adele’s reduced circumstances and feels sure she will now be able to ensnare the handsome and devilishly manly David Latimer, Adele’s ex-fiancé.

There is also another plot involving Adele’s father whom she believes was defrauded and then murdered in a house fire by his ex-clerk and the villainous Duke of Bellingham. The title comes from the mask or domino worn by Adele when she gatecrashes the most important ball of the season; a plot device enabling her to meet David again and also become involved with a mystery man. There is suitable sneering from the villains, appropriate damsel in distress behaviour and situations to be rescued from by Adele and the sense of the period is well-conveyed with telling details and vocabulary. Overall, while not startlingly original or full of surprises, I have to confess to having thoroughly enjoyed this escapist tale. Fans of Regency romance are sure to be happily absorbed for a few hours.