Mighty to Save

Written by Caryl McAdoo
Review by Chas Forest

Mighty to Saveis a stand-alone book, number nine in A Texas Romance series covering 1919-1925, and tells the story of an evangelical couple, Evelyn and Nathaniel. She is a published author who writes about amazing Christians she meets, one of whom was a former slave. They become a part of the story as she sends her chapters off to her husband, Nathaniel, who is serving as a preacher at the battlefront during WWI.

This story has so many different layers. From the people Evelyn is writing about, to her own real-life drama as the wife of an itinerant preacher, I quickly became enthralled in all their harrowing experiences. Steeped in Biblical references, the story easily shifts through history from the pre-Civil War US and the treatment of slaves to post-WWI as they travel the countryside with their tent, saving souls. I found this book entertaining and difficult to put down. Very inspirational.