McKettrick’s Choice


In 1888, Holt McKettrick, the oldest son of Angus McKettrick, sets out from his biological father’s ranch in the Arizona Territory to head back to Texas to rescue his friend and former Ranger, Gabe Navarro, from hanging and to prevent his foster father and sister from losing their ranch. After arriving in San Antonio, he’s treated to the sight of the lovely Lorelei Fellows burning her wedding gown in the middle of town after finding her fiancé with another woman. Sparks fly as Holt is forced to bring Lorelei, who has never ridden a horse before, along for a cattle drive. She hopes to start her own ranch and divorce herself from her domineering father; he hopes to rejuvenate his foster father’s own cattle business, clear his friend, and drive off an unscrupulous land baron.

Along the way Holt and Lorelei battle both renegade Comanches and each other as their journey takes them through the no-man’s-land that stretches between San Antonio, Loredo, and Mexico. They fight their attraction to each other to the bitter end, as do all good romance couples, but the ending to this romance doesn’t come without its tears as one beloved character doesn’t survive.

Linda Lael Miller spins a fine romantic story in this entry in the McKettrick Cowboys series. Though it is a fourth installment, this story can stand on its own without knowledge of the previous books. The characters are lively and interesting, and there is lots of action, light moments, and deep emotion.



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