McAuslan Entire

Written by George MacDonald Fraser
Review by India Edghill

Volume contains: The General Danced at Dawn (1970), McAuslan in the Rough (1974), The Sheikh and the Dustbin (1988)

Hoorah! The hilarious sage of McAuslan, the Dirtiest Soldier in the World and his beleaguered platoon commander, Lt. Dand McNeill, is back in print! Just after the war (the Big One, WW2) Lt. McNeill is given command of a platoon of Highlanders: the very platoon in which the amazing McAuslan serves. Nothing much happens in this post-war platoon, but each incident–whether inspection, train trip, or Highland Reel–happens with great gusto. Picaresque, brilliant, incredibly funny, and unforgettable, this comic slice of military life is pure delight. Although not as well known as Fraser’s historical tour-de-force, the equally funny Flashman novels, McAuslan deserves every literary–if not military–accolade that can be bestowed. Highly entertaining and highly recommended!