Major Lord David

Written by Sherry Lynn Ferguson
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Napoleon is exiled to Elba, which means Major Lord David Trent, second son of the Duke of Braughton, can return to England. But the homecoming contains a drawback: his father has selected a bride for him. To David’s surprise, the beautiful lady he is attracted to at a costume ball turns out to be the girl his father chose, a childhood acquaintance, Wilhelmina (Billie) Caswell. Billie has secretly admired David for years, but she doesn’t want him on forced terms. She leaves for her London season with their proposed engagement unresolved. Then Napoleon escapes from Elba, forcing David to hurry to Belgium to rejoin his regiment. Will he survive Waterloo and return to win Billie’s hand?

David and Billie are likeable characters, and Ferguson does a good job giving a sense of period through expressions and dialogue. However, a few modernisms slip in now and then, such as “a block away” describing a nearby location in a city. And I found the now-it’s-on, now-it’s-off again attraction between the protagonists a bit forced. But the positives outweigh those minor points. Traditional Regency fans will love it.