Magic Man

Written by Patricia Rice
Review by Mary K. Bird-Guilliams

Magic Man is the finale for a series of books which began with Merely Magic in 2000. All take place in the mid-18th century and center around Scotland, detailing the romantic lives of two families, the Malcolms and the Ives. This is the book for Aidan Dougal, a character who appeared in earlier books and generated much interest on the part of Rice’s readers. The magical gifts, which all Malcolm women have, are interesting, the romance is midway between a gentle read and the repetitively erotic, and there is plenty of action. Since these characters all appear in this last book and all have their own stories, it is strongly recommended that readers begin with an earlier book. The plot of Magic Man revolves entirely on the genealogy of the clan, a detail which will please some readers and try the patience of others, and works better when some knowledge of the family pre-exists.