Lord and Lady Spy

Written by Shana Galen
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

With Napoleon defeated and in exile (1815) and the British secret spy network downsizing, the agents known as Saint and Wolf find themselves competing for a single spot on the force. To the astonishment of each, they also discover they are husband and wife … Lord and Lady Smythe. Their competition centers on discovering the reason the half-brother of the prime minister was brutally killed.

With that premise, we’re off to the races as these two highly trained and expert spies work with and against each other in a murky world that is personal, political and deadly. This clever and bold and brass romance is enhanced by a dandy murder mystery to solve and a hero and heroine just flawed enough to be interesting. Lord Smythe struggles with the new woman his wife is turning out to be, while his lady, after a five-year-old marriage not based on love and wounded by the loss of three pregnancies, learns to take risks not only with her life, but with her heart. A fast-paced, blithe, and charming tale.