Lone Star Trail: A Morgan Family Series

Written by Darlene Franklin
Review by Liz Allenby

First of six novels in the Texas Trails Series, Lone Star Trail opens at the Running M Ranch near Victoria, Texas, in December 1844. Comanche kidnap the Morgan family’s sister Billie, traumatizing a family already grieving the death of their father killed in the Texas war for independence. A year later arrives the Fleischer family, newly emigrated from Germany, come to find hope and prosperity in the German settlement of Neu-Braunfels. Jud Morgan and his family take in the stranded German family caught in a wagon accident near the town of Victoria. The families become great friends, and Wande and her brother Georg stay on to help the Morgan family on their horse ranch.

Jud changes from a man prejudiced against foreigners not born in Texas to one tolerant of others. He grows into a loving, responsible man who faces the challenges of heartache, fire, and thievery in order to protect the Morgan horses he cherishes. A heartwarming, inspirational story – we look forward to the sequel, Captive Trail.