The Legacy of Longdale Manor

Written by Carrie Turansky
Review by Jon G. Bradley

Turansky has penned an enthralling narrative that ties together two deep family stories a century apart. Art historian Gwen Morris, following a grievous professional error with a previous investigation, is sort of banished to England’s historic Lake District. She is charged with the responsibility of cataloguing the contents of Longdale House. However, how might this estate and its deep history help Gwen not only redeem herself to her grandfather and secure some needed self-confidence, but also discover her own past? Gwen’s biological father is unknown to her, as her mother tragically died before having the promised heart-to-heart chat.

In 1912, the sudden death of her father forces Charlotte Harper to trek to Longdale House and confront her own history. Seeking solace from strained relationships, along with some hope for a more financially secure future, Charlotte plans to make amends. Secrets and intrigue abound as Charlotte navigates deep-seated pasts.

This narrative moves in segments from 1912 to 2012, highlighting the struggles of both Gwen and Charlotte. Readers begin to glimpse how Longdale House and the Lake District might connect past and present while foreshadowing later events. Additionally, as well as dealing with the tensions of valuating historic items, Gwen finds herself drawn emotionally and spiritually into the realm of David, the on-site developer, and his estate-owning grandmother.

When Gwen discovers Charlotte’s long-lost journal, her quest becomes more complicated as she seeks answers to her own ancestry while pondering Charlotte’s dilemmas. In an intriguing literary vein, the reader is left with several possibilities at the end.