HNR Issue 107 (February 2024)

The Unearthed

By Lenny Bartulin - Published 2023



Old bones – ‘mossed and soft’ – are discovered in the wilderness near Queenstown. Forensic scientist Antonia Kovacs arrives from Hobart to investigate them, also ...Read Review

The American Queen

By Vanessa Miller - Published 2024


1865: Enslaved twenty-four-year-old Louella yearns for freedom. The selling of her mother which wrenched her family apart, the horrific lynching of her father, and ...Read Review

The Sleeping Beauties

By Lucy Ashe - Published 2024



Now the war’s over, Rosamund Caradon can take the evacuated children in her care back to their London homes. She’s accompanied ...Read Review

Pelican Girls

By Julia Malye - Published 2024


Pelican Girls tells a vivid and potent story of women first discarded by society then sent as brides to shore up the floundering ...Read Review

Rose Girl

By Holly Payne - Published 2023



In 1256, a woman gives birth in a monastery deep in the Rila mountains. Ivan, a young friar, is the only witness. Roses do ...Read Review

The Bone Hunters

By Joanne Burn - Published 2024


Lyme Regis, 1824. Ada Winters, 24, lives with mum Edith in a cottage ‘upon the beach’, so close to the sea that high tides almost ...Read Review

Wolves around the Throne (Wolves of Odin Book 4)

By S.J.A. Turney - Published 2023



This is the fourth in Simon Turney’s Wolves of Odin Viking series but could easily be read as a standalone. In it ...Read Review

The Lionheart’s Bride (Berengaria of Navarre Medieval Trilogy)

By Austin Hernon - Published 2023


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This 12th-century historical adventure follows Princess Berengaria on her quest to catch up with and marry Richard I, King of England, as he ...Read Review


By Eilish Quin - Published 2024



Quin’s Medea joins the current renaissance of retellings that recast the stories of maligned or ignored women from Greek mythology. Redeeming Medea, ...Read Review


By Kelly Stone Gamble - Published 2023


1930s Nevada. Sixteen-year-old Helen Carter and her father migrate from Kansas to Ragtown, a shanty community near Las Vegas, joining thousands of other ...Read Review

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