Knight of Her Dreams

Written by Alyssa James
Review by Nicky Galliers

The Hundred Years War. Lady Marguerite, countess of Besancon arrives at the headquarters of Henry V in northern France seeking protection from Sir Richard of Winchester, drawing on a tenuous family connection.  However, what Sir Richard does not know, is that she had been sent there by the Duke of Burgundy to spy on the English. Refusal would have condemned her to death. Naturally the course of true love does not run smooth, and her already being married seems to be least of their problems.

An unashamed romance, there is substance to Ms James story.  It is a companion to a previous book concerning Sir Richard’s brother, and it takes us further into the legend that was Henry V.  As Marguerite is French we see the Hundred Year’s War from the French viewpoint, as well as the English. You may or may not agree with the outcome of this conflict in Marguerite, but she has to come to some kind of decision and it is the one that works for her.

Fluid and accessible, this is an easy and a satisfying read.  Henry V is portrayed with less bias than is usual, not shying from his more brutal side and not always excusing it.  Enough room is left by Ms James for the reader to come to their own conclusion about his legacy. There are no boring passages and you are rooting for Marguerite and Sir Richard, even when it seems impossible.

E-edition reviewed