Kat, Incorrigible

Written by Stephanie Burgis
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1803 England, mischievous twelve-year-old Kat must deal with her stern stepmother and disapproving elder sisters who constantly criticize her inquisitiveness and recklessness. Threatened to behave like a proper young lady of her time, Kat instinctively turns to her deceased mother’s belongings to find sanctuary. Here, she inadvertently discovers a magical mirror that changes everything. Determined to stop her sister, Elissa, from marrying a rich scoundrel, and focused on helping her other sister, Angeline, find her true love, Kat soon finds herself turning to magic to help, even if she doesn’t completely understand what to do.

As Kat courageously steps into her new role as family rescuer and newfound witch, she finds herself in all sorts of trouble; including helping a handsome highwayman rob the guests at the house party she’s attending, and fending off a mysterious “Order” of witches trying to recruit her.

With a quick witted and impulsive heroine, this mix of fantasy, romance, and adventure provides young readers with a lovely introduction to the Regency romance genre. Kat’s inevitable curiosity and attraction for trouble will delight readers, even if the storyline is a bit farfetched and convoluted.  It will be interesting to see what escapades and troubles Kat will discover in the upcoming books in this series. Recommended for grades 3-7.