Just Beyond Tomorrow

Written by Bertrice Small
Review by Audrey Braver

The mother of the new Duke of Glenkirk’s mother had given him two pieces of advice. The first, “to marry soon,” is easily accomplished. When Patrick Leslie tries to buy land adjacent to his holdings, he is told the price includes marriage to his neighbor’s beautiful and wild daughter, Flanna Brodie. The second piece of advice, “avoid the royal Stuarts,” is harder. Flanna tries to be a good, obedient wife, but she is a Loyalist. Unaware of the tragic history between the royal Stuarts and the Leslies, Flanna’s sworn fealty to Charles II challenges Patrick and jeopardizes his life. In 1651 the king flees Scotland, leaving Patrick and Flanna free to find the love they both secretly feel.

In Just Beyond Tomorrow, Bertrice Small continues the saga of Skye’s Legacy. Ms Small is nothing if not a skilled storyteller. She weaves a rich tapestry of seventeenth century English politics through a passionate love story that is guaranteed to enthrall the reader.