Journey to LaSalle’s Settlement


It’s another typical contemporary day for Hannah, Jackie and Nick. Hannah’s in big trouble over a paper that’s due, Jackie’s had her cell phone taken away by a teacher, and Nick’s been playing at having two girls woo him, with the end result of one finding out.

So they enlist the help of their history teacher, Mr. B., who promises to help out if they do a job for him. He adds a comment, however, that immediately catches the reader’s and the characters’ interest. Minutes later, they’ve begun to have trouble completing the task set by Mr. B and worse they’re beginning to see sand and water leaking out of a trunk. Add to that a whirling, tornado-like effect and they wind up getting sucked into its core. When they next open their eyes, they find themselves in 17th-century Texas and come across a poem that indicates they must find nine missing items before they can return to their own world.

The above isn’t a spoiler at all, for the next events are a mixture of fast-paced action and adventure in which these seventh-graders meet pirate-like rogues, alligators, the fierce Karankawa Indians, the famous explorer La Salle and many more characters who notch up this fast-paced story with threats, riddles, and death threats. All of the characters and events in this story are highly believable as well as interesting. Young adults who love adventure stories will add this tale, based on real, dynamically presented history, to a list of their favorite novels.



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