Journey to Galveston

Written by Melodie A. Cuate
Review by Bryan Dumas Ethan Dumas

When Mr. Barrington’s mysterious trunk suddenly appears in the midst of Nick, Jackie and Hannah, they are amazed to watch a family of slaves step out from it, followed quickly by a snarling dog and its slave catcher owner. The man snatches Jackie – mistaken for an escaped slave – from the house, and Nick and Hannah follow them back in time to Texas circa 1865. There, Nick, Hannah, and Jackie find themselves trying to escape from a ruthless slave master as they attempt to reunite two slave twins torn apart by prejudice and hatred. Their journey takes them to Galveston via a spooky witch in a dark swamp, a dangerous river ride, and a magnificent paddle wheeler. In Galveston, the trio learns that the Civil War has ended slavery and that Jackie and the twins are free.

I read this book to/with my nine-year-old son, and though there were a few vocabulary words that we had to work out – a teachable moment – we both enjoyed the story very much. The history is accurate and, despite the horrific nature of slavery, was told in a detail appropriate for young readers. More focused on Texas history – Juneteenth, slavery on Galveston – Journey to Galveston is a great book to introduce young readers to the issues surrounding slavery in America.

Bryan Dumas


My favorite part was when they saw a ghost on the porch. It was my favorite part because it excited me on the adventure to Galveston and it was a big loop to the story. I learned that the Civil War stopped slavery and that a man named General Granger stopped slavery in Texas. The thing I didn’t like was when a croc ate a dog, and when Sam got whipped and salted. I would recommend this to ages 6-11, and I give this 4 stars. This book was great.

Ethan Dumas, Age 9