It Takes a Scandal

Written by Caroline Linden
Review by Ray Thompson

This enjoyable Regency romance is second in a series inspired by reader interest in Fifty Shades of Grey. Not only do we find the conventional independent-minded heroine and brooding, wounded hero struggling against the pressures of social expectations and prejudices, but also some less common ingredients: on the one side, the curiosity aroused among the bored and daring (but not too daring) young ladies of fashion by erotic stories being circulated surreptitiously; on the other, the dire consequences of the hero’s war wound, his impoverishment and tarnished reputation, and his father’s insanity and mysterious disappearance. Though it starts slowly, the suspense builds as the courtship between the lovers heats up and the social barriers grow more forbidding. The problems are rather conveniently resolved, but this is only to be expected. Recommended to Regency fans.