I Loved a Rogue

Written by Katharine Ashe
Review by Sarah Brooks

Third in the Prince Catchers series, I Loved a Rogue begins with Eleanor Caulfield, in the year 1819, at the wedding of her father, the Vicar. Afterward, she sets off an adventure, seeking information on the shipwreck that brought her and her two sisters to England, accompanied by Taliesin, a Gypsy, who is coerced to go along. The journey takes Eleanor through several villages in Cornwall. Several times she and Taliesin find themselves in spots where they are alone and reminded of their past history, but both are unwilling to rekindle the romance. It is not long into the novel when Eleanor is told about the reclusive Sir Wilkie, a collector of shipwreck finds, who lives at Drearcliffe. Eleanor finds tantalizing clues on her search and learns that Taliesin is not the man she thinks he is.

I Loved a Rogue delights the reader with Eleanor’s plucky nature and Taliesin’s silence and strength of character. Well-written secondary characters help move the narrative forward and add to the on-again, off-again romance. All dilemmas are solved by the end in unanticipated and unique ways. A historical note at the end sets the novel in its time frame. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy period romance novels.