How to Deceive a Duke (Rebels with a Cause Book 2)

Written by Samara Parish
Review by Misty Urban

This is an entertaining tale of a headstrong female chemist who brings an overly conscientious duke to his knees. Edward Stirling, Duke of Wildeforde, ended his engagement with Fiona McTavish for fear of what society gossips might do to her. Six years later, Edward finds himself standing bond for Finley McTavish, jailed for participating in a workers’ protest. Fiona is in London to find distributors for her invention, friction matches, and she suspects businessmen will take her more seriously if she’s dressed as a man.

Harboring Finley/Fiona under his roof causes all sorts of amusing complications for strait-laced, status-vigilant Edward, especially when his siblings are charmed by Finley. But when Fiona falls under the shadow of her treacherous father’s misdeeds, Edward’s high-handed intervention is completely unacceptable to stubborn Fiona, determined to make it on her own.

The perfectly paced plot rolls merrily along, full of mischief and masquerades but with palpable emotion in the tangled pasts the characters must overcome as they grow toward one another. Echoing the smart, sensual style of author Eloisa James, Parish offers a refreshing take on historical romance that shows relatable characters struggling to find one another against restrictive Regency conventions and mores. An utterly enchanting experience.