Hawk’s Pledge

Written by Constance O'Banyon
Review by Viviane Crystal

Whit Hawk grew up in a horrific environment. After losing his parents, he and his siblings are sent to an orphanage, where Whit is obsessed with protecting them from being separated. But through the evil reaction of a jealous man, disaster destroys most of his family in a fire, and Whit pledges his life to find the brother he believes is still alive. Instead he first meets Jacqueline Douglas, a strong woman about to lose the love of her life, her own ranch that she inherited but cannot financially manage much longer.

The wild Texas ranch of the late 19th century is well depicted in the meeting of these two formidable characters who are enchanted from their first meeting but whose fiery spirits will not allow them to surrender. Add the typical criminal element about to be broken by an intelligent and powerful hero, and you have the outline of a romance waiting to happen once the barriers have been reduced to ashes, both literally and figuratively. For Whit and Jacqueline, their true passion is family, represented by the life and land of Texas. This novel has a simple but engaging historical romance plot.