Grimm Patriot

Written by David W. Arndt
Review by Fiona Ness

David Arndt’s debut novel, Grimm Patriot, follows young Joseph Grimm, who in 1775 decides to enlist in the newly-formed Continental Marines, leaving behind his settled life in Philadelphia for an uncertain future with his fellow Marines.

Joseph has no sooner started his training than he and a group of Marines are sent on a dangerous assignment to thwart the plans of a British major before those plans can hamstring the American Revolution. It is classic historical-adventure yarn after that, Kidnapped meets Johnny Tremain, and Arndt does a very smooth job of alternating between character building, action, and exposition.

The novel’s conclusion feels a bit on the programmatic side, but the tale is mostly told with great exuberance; I finished it wishing I could read more of Joseph Grimm’s adventures.