Written by Diana Groe
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

A fresh new voice in historical romance sets her pen to a star-crossed love story featuring a daughter of an Irish chieftain and a memory-impaired Viking wainwright. Lovely and sharp-tongued Brenna is drawn to the stranger who washed ashore with nothing but his considerable charm and a cask of ale with which he bargains for his life. Warming his way into clan life with a daring rescue of her sister, the mysterious Northman is given to Brenna in marriage by her grateful and wily father. But as they set off for the Viking stronghold of Dublin to discover the secrets of both their pasts, the couple must face divided loyalties, treachery, and a plot to take down both the culture and the people of her besieged land. Despite a couple of wrong notes (like both hero and heroine considering their dreams as foolish – dreams held great power in both cultures), Erinsong is deftly plotted and peopled with compelling characters. Terrific, robust storytelling. Highly recommended.