Duke of My Heart: A Season for Scandal, Book 1

Written by Kelly Bowen
Review by Jessica Brockmole

When a book opens with a dead naked earl tied to a debutante’s bed, you might rightly wonder if it can only go downhill from there. Not with Kelly Bowen’s deft hand at the helm.

Beatrice, the debutante in question, is missing, and her concerned aunt calls in the cool and collected Miss Ivory Moore, something of a society “fixer,” to both conceal the situation and locate the girl. Bea’s older brother isn’t as confident in the mysterious Miss Moore’s abilities. Maximus Harcourt is a sea captain, a reluctant duke and, if he were being honest, an unprepared guardian to the impulsive Bea. As secrets from Ivory’s past begin trickling out, Max begins learning to trust, both her and himself.

Max was a fairly typical hero, though the guilt he felt over failing his sister as guardian added a nice vulnerability. The independent Ivory with the checkered past was a wonderfully strong character. Despite Max thinking he was in control, Ivory moved their relationship ahead, at her pace and on her terms. Entertaining Regency romance with an interesting, well-written heroine.