Death by Water: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

Written by Kerry Greenwood
Review by Janette King

Phryne Fisher finds herself rather bored with the state of affairs at her home, so she’s thrilled when P&O Lines offers her an investigative opportunity and a free luxury cruise all rolled into one. Along with Dot, her companion/maid, Phryne sets sail for New Zealandon the SS Hinemoa. Her mission is to discover the identity of the person relieving select first class passengers of their most expensive jewelry.

Death by Water is Kerry Greenwood’s 15th of the Phryne Fisher mystery series. Set in 1928, this shipboard adventure allows Fisher to hobnob among the upper crust suspects, and who better? She has a cunning social sense that puts strangers at ease and enables her to slide into her undercover role. But all the formal dressing for dinner made this reader long for a video version of the whole elegant company, along with Phryne in her finery and the luring Maharani jewel, the Great Queen of Sapphires. Those on the “suspicious” list are quite the cast of characters, each with a guilty secret to hide… but whose holds the secret that’s key to the Phryne’s case? The jealous husband, his wife, her lover? The professor, or maybe the photographer with an eye for the ladies? Or someone else? Like the rest of the Phryne Fisher series, this novel is a light, breezy mystery that doesn’t fail to entertain. A treat to read.