Dark Hour

Written by Ginger Garrett
Review by India Edghill

Based on events related in 2 Chronicles 21-23, Dark Hour tells of Jezebel’s daughter Athaliah, who massacred all the heirs of the House of David and ruled Judah until the one surviving heir – her grandson Joash – emerged from hiding to retake the throne. From these events, Garrett has spun an engrossing tale of intrigue and danger, focusing on Athaliah’s stepdaughter, Princess Jehoshebeth. A brave and intelligent heroine, Jehoshebeth takes quick action to save Joash from the slaughter, and sacrifices her own desires to wed the High Priest Jehoaida and raise Joash in safety until Athaliah’s murderous reign can be overthrown. The dark emotions, the tension of life in the royal palace, the unspoken battle between Athaliah and Jehoshebeth, are all compelling. Garrett even manages to make the reader feel sorry for Athaliah, warped by fear of her own mother, Jezebel. This is the first book in Garrett’s Serpent Moon Trilogy, and I eagerly await the next novel!