Child of the Prophecy (The Sevenwaters Trilogy, Book 3)

Written by Juliet Marillier
Review by Sarah Nesbeitt

This final volume of the Sevenwaters trilogy set in Dark Ages Ireland is the coming-of-age story of Fainne, a young girl who must overcome the shame of her birth and train carefully in the arts of magic, all the while deciding whether to follow Good or Evil. On one side are the druids of Sevenwaters, her mother’s people, who provide her with the family environment she’s never known. On the other is her grandmother, the sorceress Oonagh, who uses Fainne as a tool in her attempt to banish the Fair Folk from the Islands forever. The history is mostly incidental to the plot, apart from a few mentions of Viking raids and Briton invaders, and this mostly toward the end. Some names don’t seem appropriate to the period (Peg, Danny) and occasionally drew me out of the otherworldly, romantic Celtic atmosphere. But on the whole, I found this to be an utterly absorbing, satisfying end to the trilogy, and perhaps the best novel of the three.