Cape Hell

Written by Loren D. Estleman
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

The Civil War ended 20 years ago, but, unfortunately, several former Confederate soldiers hope to raise an army, conquer Mexico City, and then continue the fight in the United States. Federal Judge Blackthorne of Montana is ordering U.S. Deputy Marshal Page Murdock to a place known as Cape Hell, Mexico, to find former Confederate Captain Oscar Childress and disrupt his plans to raise his army and begin the Civil War anew.

Accompanied by an engineer and a Native American fireman aboard a steam train named El Espanto, or The Ghost, they head south to Mexico to learn if the rumors of Childress’s plans are true and disrupt his vision for a South to rise again. Along the way, they face desert and mountainous lands inhabited by those who wish to take over the train and kill Murdock. Will Murdock arrive in time to stop Childress?

A fast-paced western with action on every page. The battle sequences as the Ghost rumbles onward are exciting as tension builds to the last page. A fine book for western lovers to add to their library.