Camelot’s Sword

Written by Sarah Zettel
Review by Myfanwy Cook


This romantic fantasy is set around Tintagel in Arthurian Cornwall. Lynet Carnbrea finds herself trying to restore calm to her father’s castle of Cambryn after he is murdered. She seeks the help of Guinevere at Camelot, whose own security is threatened by Lynet’s brother Colan and Arthur’s half-sister, Morgaine the sorceress.

Lynet’s youthful experiences at the court of King Mark have left her with a tarnished reputation, but she finds a champion in Lancelot’s squire, Gareth, whose character has also been tainted. The battle for Cambryn Castle, Arthur’s kingdom and Lynet’s future happiness is a story braided with knots of deception.

This novel is a blend of legend, myth and fantasy. It is written in a lyrical style. The author demonstrates a passion for the classic Arthurian story, which is expressed best in her characterization of the dramatic Morgaine.