Camelot’s Queen: Guinevere’s Tale Book Two

Written by Nicole Evelina
Review by Lisa Sheehan

The story of the fabled Queen Guinevere continues in Camelot’s Queen, the second volume in Nicole Evelina’s ‘Guinevere’s Tale’ series.

In this volume, which can be read as a stand-alone, Guinevere is now King Arthur’s High Queen, sharing the dangers of his wars with the Irish, the Picts, and the Saxons – and simultaneously dealing with the bitter maneuverings going on at Arthur’s court.

Those court intrigues are the most dramatic elements of Camelot’s Queen, and Evelina writes them with terrific energy and page after page of vivid dialogue. She very adroitly exploits the known quantities of the core Arthurian story; readers know to expect the division of Guinevere’s affections, and the sensitive emotional variations Evelina works into the story are expertly done. This is a fine, gripping series.