Call Down the Stars

Written by Sue Harrison
Review by Melissa Galyon

Our tale begins in 602 BC, as a group of storytellers are meeting. Their stories take us back to the 7th millenium BC, where we are reunited with characters from the first two novels in the series. Qumalix, a beautiful wise woman, shares the stage with Yikaas, a young man learning the ways of the storyteller. They switch back and forth, sharing the tales of Chakliux, Ghaden, K’os, Red Leaf, and Daughter. Each storytelling session connects with the others in amazing ways, and by the end of each story, we feel as if we are in the lodge with Qumalix and Yikaas, hearing their stories in their native languages.

Call Down the Stars contains a mix of adventure, revenge, romance, and suspense. Readers should not feel obligated to read the first two novels before reading this conclusion to Harrison’s Storyteller trilogy, but it may help in providing background for the novel’s characters. If you enjoyed Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series or Penina Keen Spinka’s novel Picture Maker, this will be a perfect addition to your library.