Brooklyn Rose


It is December 16, 1899, when Rose Frampton pens the opening entry in her birthday present, a gilt-edged journal. As she reflects upon describing her life in Beaufort County, South Carolina, where her plantation home is located, it seems uneventful. Not even her wildest dreams could conjure up events equal to those that will bring marriage to a wealthy northerner and the subsequent necessity of leaving her friends and family. Life’s destiny is only a few weeks away.

Rose’s sister Heppi weds Josh Denning on Valentine’s Day. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Dumarest, a visiting businessman who has come for that wedding, asks permission to wed fifteen-year-old Rose. Rose is excited to be getting married, but fears her forthcoming responsibilities as mistress on a large Victorian estate in Brooklyn. When she arrives at the mansion on Dorchester Road, she discovers a mystery surrounding the housekeeper, which sets the stage for quickly hiring staff.

Rose’s accounts of growing up while she is married places readers beside her through the flurry of events in a happy life of children and love. The story, written for readers aged ten and older, skillfully steps into history. Easy to read and well written, the story is a pleasant escape back to when recovery from the Civil War was reality for older family members. Social changes were forcefully creating new lifestyles. Junior high school and older girls will read this highly recommended work more than once. (Ages 10+)

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